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From: lwimble@verizon.net
To: doug@tggweb.com
Cc: jvallieres@mfsloans.com, paul_garand@idx.com, rob.desautels@usfood.com
Subject: GMRA Website
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 22:33:49 -0400


On behalf of everyone in the GMRA, we would like to thank you very, very much for your support and efforts over the years in maintaining a website presence for the GMRA. A great deal of where we are today is because of the efforts of such people as you.

We have coordinated with the other states in New England and are taking advantage of a common racquetball interface that allows us to work closely together to ensure that racquetball in New England remain a viable and vibrant sport. The new website that we are hosting the GMRA information on is www.vtracquetball.org

At your earliest convenience, could you archive and remove the former website that we so gratefully appreciate you maintaining for us? By removing it, we can ensure that the appropriate folks in Vermont (and New England) are referencing the most integrated information that New England is maintaining. Without question, we are truly indebted to you for your efforts.

Lonnie L. Wimble
Secretary, Green Mountain Racquetball Association

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